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Game Day with Parker Curry @ParkerCurry2

What goes into a day as a professional ball player? When we picture professional baseball we see packed stadiums, fancy cars, gourmet meals and huge paychecks. The reality for most minor league players is a far cry from that life. More likely scenarios include cramped buses, long nights, and lots and lots of peanut butter and jelly. We got the chance to sit down with Los Angeles Dodgers RHP Parker Curry (former Samford Bulldog) and talk about his typical game day.


According to Curry, this is a typical routine for a 7:00 p.m. home game.

9/9:30 – Wake up/shower
10:00 – Breakfast (My wife living with me this year helps because she makes championship caliber bacon and eggs), some down time and watch some Netflix.
12:30 – Leave for the stadium.
12:45 – Arrive at field and eat lunch (which is provided by the team).
1:30 – Mobility work/prep work in weight room (workout if needed; typically lift 2-3 times a week).
2:30 – Field work: plyocare balls, football throws and get my body moving. (Pitchers play a little
hacky sack to open up the hips!).
3:00 – Dynamic warmup and stretch.
3:15 – Daily game of catch and light mound work (to stay sharp if needed). After throwing – daily conditioning, length and intensity varies based on the day.

After conditioning, by now it’s 4ish, come inside for some down time. Training room treatment if
we need it, play some cards, watch baseball if a day game is on, etc.
5:30 – Grab a light snack, fruit or PBJ.
6:15 – Shower/get ready for the game.
6:45 – Head out to bullpen.
7:00 – First pitch.


11 pm (Post Game) - Dinner provided, wind down from game, shower, change back into street clothes, leave ballpark.

Midnight-1:00AM – Wind down time with family and go to sleep.


Curry is a native of Pelham High School and played on the Excel Blue Wave as a rising senior in high school before continuing his career at Samford University. He is currently in Double-A (Texas League) with the Tulsa Drillers.

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